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Make your parties shine! Let our team handle the design and decor work, so you can sit back and enjoy your office or home decor and your holiday events.

From full service corporate events to custom commercial and residential indoor/outdoor installations – we have you covered for the holidays.

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copley_mainWalking into offices adorned with holiday baubles, smiles tend to stick around a bit longer. Coming home and flicking on twinkling lights, is joy shared by the whole family. The holidays have a special way of warming our hearts and folding extra love into our lives.copley_outdoorcopley_work

We are starting to fill the calendar for the 2017 installation and event schedule, contact us to secure your design services – here’s to 2017!

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Get into the holiday spirit with our table ideas! Happy holidays!

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Partner Spotlight: M. Flynn Jewelry

   M.FLYNN is one of our featured partners, where you can find their beautiful selection of fine jewelry as well as our current plant collection. Jewelry is a classic treasure for the season, the pieces thoughtful and meaningful reminding you of that holiday nostalgia every time you clasp your favorite strand in place. Plants stay rooted in beautiful containers that add living and breathing decor to your home.img_2996    The best thing is – both of these gifts last. From bringing home your succulent and watching it grow all year long, to keeping your jewels safe and shiny, the memories are ever-lasting.img_2985img_3005

M. FLYNN is a unique jewelry boutique owned by sisters, Megan and Moria Flynn. They believe today’s well-accessorized woman will mix fashion with fine pieces, and their sweet little studio tucked in Boston’s South End neighborhood gives customers a unique selection of jewelry for all occasions. The store highlights their own fine jewelry line, including engagement and wedding rings. In addition to fine jewelry, the boutique showcases the M. FLYNN costume jewelry line, and also features a curated selection of fine and fashion jewelry from other unique designers from Boston and beyond. M. FLYNN also remakes heirlooms and creates one-of-a-kind keepsakes and strives to make beautifully crafted jewelry that will stand the test of time.

Holiday Gift Guide

Browse the Orly Khon Floral Boutique 2016 Holiday Collections, featuring a variety of tailored gifts for the season. Contact us to order holiday centerpieces and to learn about our corporate gift bundles! All orders are packaged with our classic gift wrap and feature a custom care card for each plant.



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Thank you for choosing Orly Khon Floral this Holiday Season!

YES! Send me Orly Khon Floral holiday gift info!

Learn more about what's in stock at our boutique for the holidays.

Event: Wreath Making Class


Join us for a hands-on wreath making class next week at Follain, in Beacon Hill! We will be featuring materials that evoke seasonal nostalgia and natural ingredients found in Follain’s beauty products.

The holidays really are made of THIS!

Ticket price covers all material costs plus appetizers and champagne. Each guest will take home their finished wreath to enjoy all season long and into the new year!

Space is limited – CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today!screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-42-59-pm


Orchid & Succulent Care Tips

Thank you for coming to the boutique this holiday season, it has been a pleasure meeting all of you. We always get wonderful clients who claim they “can’t keep their plants alive” or are “a bad plant parent” – this is not true!

Holiday Arrangement

Photo Credit: Karin Dailey ||


Sometimes, there are so many opinions on raising your plant babies, it’s hard to know which source to trust. We thought we’d share a few of our personal tips that have worked for succulents and orchid care, so you can make the most of your holiday purchases.

Orchid Care

To water or not to water? The finger test is key.


Orchids need indirect sunlight and water when they get bone dry – we suggest the “finger test” for this since the top of the soil can be dry, while the bottom is very damp.

The Orchid Finger Test: Put your finger one inch down into the roots and moss of the orchid. if the moss is bone dry, go ahead and give it enough water to get to the bottom of the roots. If the moss is moist, you do not need to water the orchid.

Succulent Care

Test. Dry. Water. Repeat.


Succulents need lots of indirect sunlight and water when the soil is completely dry. These plants enjoy drying out between waterings, which gives them a popular low-maintenance reputation.

The Succulent Finger Test: Put your finger one inch down into the soil, if the soil is moist, do not water. If the soil is dry add 1/4 cup of water to each succulent. Remember, they love to dry out in between, so give them a day or two to do that. 

Prune any bottom leaves that are too dry or too moist.

Our holiday collections are available at the boutique! Don’t forget about the plant lovers on your holiday list.

YES! Send me Orly Khon Floral holiday gift info!

Learn more about what's in stock at our boutique for the holidays.

Thankful for You | The Autumn Collection

Thanks for stopping by – we are happy you did! View our autumn collection and take a look at Orly’s refreshing design tips to upgrade your own Thanksgiving table.


 With fall upon us, we welcome all of the holidays the new seasons bring us. From thanksgiving to New Years, join us as we share design tips, ideas and inspiration from our Autumn & Holiday collections.

The Smoked Metallic Collection: Elegant. Modern. Inviting. Available at Orly Khon Floral Boutique at Restoration Hardware, 3rd Floor.

Smoke Metal Collection

The Smoked Metallic Collection, Succulents. Prices start at $25.


The Smoked Metallic Collection, Orchids & Lady Slippers. Prices start at $48.

Available at Restoration Hardware, Back Bay.

The Jasmine Vase Collection. Large: $225. Small: $115.

Design with sophistication. Leave tired trends behind and incorporate modern, lush ideas for your table settings. Below are Orly’s design tips for your fall tablescapes!


 1. Mix up textures. We are using a mix of fresh florals and items that can be reused, like succulents and antlers.img_2841

2. Use Seasonal Fruit and Veggies. For a unique and organic mix, we selected pomegranates and artichokes. Artichoke & Pomegranate

3. Petite Accents. Sprigs of fragrant herbs tucked in napkin settings; succulent heads (yes, cut them off!) placed with care, between larger pieces.img_2860

4. Stick to a color palette.  Weave in monochromatic colors with subtle, bright pops. We are obsessed with greens, always.img_2870

5. The side piece. Don’t forget about your accent pieces! Since the table does need space for your feast, make sure your accent tables are not left out. img_2898

From our table to yours, we wish you a lovely holiday season!

To have Orly style your home tell us more about yourself, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here , and it’s early! But don’t fret- we’ve got you covered. This year’s arrangements feature our favorite spring time blooms; sahara roses, peony tulips, and poppy pods, elegantly arranged to celebrate her in style. Arrangements are available for order from $55-$125, and grab-and-go bouquets from $35-$55 making Mother’s Day a breeze on any budget. Simply call, email, or come by our boutique inside Restoration Hardware to place your orders now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.07.43 PM

Large, $125

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.39.34 PM

Small, $55


 Bouquets $35-$55

To make things even better: If you haven’t got time to place an order or find us at our boutique location inside Restoration Hardware in the heart of Boston’s back bay, this weekend only you can find our award winning arrangements at even more destinations.

You’re invited! We are partnering with Angela Liguori of Studio Carta in Brookline on Saturday, May 7th for a special Blooms and Calligraphy event from 11-4 where we’ll have bouquets ready for the taking. Head on over to her blog for all the details.

You can also find us at M. Flynn Jewelry Boston all weekend long celebrating mom in all her favorite ways. Want to make things even easier? Arrangements are available for order, pickup, and delivery courtesy of their online shop: check it out!

With three locations to shop for mom this year, you’re guaranteed to win her over with Orly Khon Floral.

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Call the shop: 617 431 6759