Partner Spotlight: M. Flynn Jewelry

   M.FLYNN is one of our featured partners, where you can find their beautiful selection of fine jewelry as well as our current plant collection. Jewelry is a classic treasure for the season, the pieces thoughtful and meaningful reminding you of that holiday nostalgia every time you clasp your favorite strand in place. Plants stay rooted in beautiful containers that add living and breathing decor to your home.img_2996    The best thing is – both of these gifts last. From bringing home your succulent and watching it grow all year long, to keeping your jewels safe and shiny, the memories are ever-lasting.img_2985img_3005

M. FLYNN is a unique jewelry boutique owned by sisters, Megan and Moria Flynn. They believe today’s well-accessorized woman will mix fashion with fine pieces, and their sweet little studio tucked in Boston’s South End neighborhood gives customers a unique selection of jewelry for all occasions. The store highlights their own fine jewelry line, including engagement and wedding rings. In addition to fine jewelry, the boutique showcases the M. FLYNN costume jewelry line, and also features a curated selection of fine and fashion jewelry from other unique designers from Boston and beyond. M. FLYNN also remakes heirlooms and creates one-of-a-kind keepsakes and strives to make beautifully crafted jewelry that will stand the test of time.

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