Terrarium Plants

Terrariums have made quite the comeback since their popular days in the 70’s and we totally understand why! Besides admiring the beautiful, natural layers through a glass bowl, here are a few reasons why terrariums continue to be a big hit.

• Terrariums give a simple way to try your hand at gardening. Maintaining a terrarium does not require a green thumb or a great deal of knowledge, just some simple guidelines to follow.
• A closed terrarium can sustain itself, once it reaches a state of equilibrium in which there is the perfect amount of moisture.
•In relation to a plot of land, terrariums give the nurturing satisfaction of caring for a living thing in a very low maintenance way — great for city folk or those with little to no outdoor space.
•You can customize them any way you wish! Sand or soil, succulents or plants, colorful or monotone. Some light to add mini dinosaurs figurines. Adding pieces of driftwood or sea shells contribute to a beach theme.
•For homes that are generally dry, terrariums are a great alternative to common indoor plants, especially closed terrariums. The locked-in moisture will make your plants flourish unlike indoor plants.

Our boutique offers terrariums for sale or by custom order. Shown above are terrariums made in Polish Bowls. Contact us to find out more information about our custom options by calling 617 431 6759 or email at orders@orlykhon.com




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